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The first voluntary fire brigade in Finland was established in 1838. The need for organized fire fighting had become apparent after the entire city of Turku had burned down some years before. To raise funds, the newly established fire brigades organized different kinds of functions and balls. A marching band was established alongside many fire brigades to provide music for these events.

In Raisio, a city in Southwest Finland near Turku, a voluntary fire brigade was established in 1898. It gained its own marching band in 1959, when the Raisio city marching band, established in 1893, was incorporated into the voluntary fire brigade.

Raision VPK:n soittokunta (The Raisio Voluntary Fire Brigade Band) is a marching band consisting of approximately 20 musicians. The band plays a varying selection of music from solemn pieces to light entertainment. The band also works with the church and plays in many events arranged by the church. Other performances include different functions, concerts, balls etc. The band usually plays a gig once a month.

The band has also played abroad, with trips to Pärnu, Tarto and Tallinn in Estonia, and Elmshorn, the sister city of Raisio in Germany.

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